D8 Council


The AALAS District 8 Council was formerly established to provide a structure where the individual Branches in AALAS District 8 could work in partnership to insure continuation of the annual District 8 educational conference. The Council's charge is to provide guidance, financial support and planning assistance for the annual meeting.

With input from Branch leadership, District members and the Allied Trades, the meeting has been critiqued annually and suggestions for changes in format implemented. The Council designed a District 8 Meeting Planning Manual which guides a host Branch through the meeting planning on a two year preparation schedule. Following these suggested guidelines makes the process much easier for those individuals who have volunteered to handle the task of hosting a meeting of this size. Over the years the quality of the meeting and attendance has steadily improved. The Council is a valuable asset for assisting those Branch's who have volunteered to host.

The Council meets 2 times annually to discuss interbranch issues and plan for future annual meetings.

The Council is comprised of the Chair, Vice-Chair, each Branch of District 8 has two representatives from each branch with one vote between them.

The Council invites and encourages participation in the meetings by any interested branch members in the District.

Your input is invaluable in improving and providing a meeting that meets your educational needs.