AALAS Webinar: Construction Noise and Vibration: Best Practices for Minimizing Impacts on Animals, Ongoing Research Studies, and Relationships with Scientists

Web-043: Construction and renovation projects typically produce high levels of noise and vibration that could impact animals, disrupt ongoing studies, and can often strain relationships between scientists and animal facility staff. It is not uncommon for such construction projects to get the blame (right or wrong) whenever through the course of the construction any changes are observed in animal behavior, breeding, or when the researcher's studies simply don't work out as expected. In order to minimize construction-related noise and vibration impacts on animals and ongoing studies, as well as to maintain strong relationships with researchers, the construction process needs to be managed very carefully. Based upon our experiences working helping a number of groups navigate this process, we propose here a set of "best practices" that we think will minimize the impacts of noise and vibration on animals, ongoing studies, and will set a standard for better communication with researchers. This presentation will discuss these best practices and will make the detailed list available to those in attendance. The best practices are organized into three themes: Planning documents - from RFP/bid documents through drawings and commissioning steps Assessment of noise and vibration levels - before, during, and after construction Communication plan - openly inform/train all relevant stakeholders on what is being done to control noise and vibration, provide them reports on noise and vibration levels, and communicate regularly with them regarding progress and measurements that could impact their animals. The fee is per connection. One connection can be used for site or group training. If multiple connections are needed, please place and order per connection. Discounts are available by using the Store Order Form PDF when you purchase 5 or more connections. The 1.5 hour time frame will allow for plenty of time to submit your questions, thus giving you a more personalized training experience.
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 12:00pm
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