District Eight AALAS

We Look Forward to Seeing You at the 2018 District 8 Meeting: May 9-11 at The Renaissance Newport Beach Hotel, Newport Beach, CA

We will be hosting fantastic workshops on May 9th & 10th, alongside two days of platform presentations on May 10-11th. There will be a welcome reception, poster session, exhibit hall, raffle prizes, and a Technician Fun Fair! 

The always popular Leadership Academy will be held on Friday, May 11th.  

We look forward to welcoming you at the Renaissance Newport Beach Hotel!

District 8 Room Block Rate Ends April 18th Limited numbers of rooms at the Renaissance Newport Beach Hotel are still available. Reserve via the link: http://www.socalaalas.org/location

Welcome Reception: Be sure to register for the Welcome Networking Reception on Wednesday night!  Registration for the Welcome Reception must be added separately from general registration for the meeting, so don't forget to add that "item" to your cart before you check out!  $10 per person if paid for before March 9th, $15 per person after March 9th or for walk-ins.  Price includes one drink ticket for house beer or wine.

Workshops are still available! Register now at: http://www.socalaalas.org/shop

Rodent Imaging (May 9th): Participants will receive a live animal demonstration and hands-on opportunity to work with a rodent ultrasound machine. In addition, there will be a demonstration and discussion on rodent PET/CT scanning technology. 12 participants max. Cost= $100

Surgical Techniques (May 9th): Participants will be able to learn three different surgical techniques: 1) hands-on subcutaneous mini-pump implantation in mice, 2) a demonstration of jugular vein catheterization in rats, and 3) a demonstration of stereotaxic intracranial set-ups in mice. 16 participants max. Cost= $150

Basic Techniques for the Rabbits and Rodents (May 10th): Participants will gain hands-on experience and training in common injection techniques, including IV injections. The workshop will also include hands-on training in IV blood collection and oral gavage (rodents only). 15 participants max Cost= $100

Poster Questions? Contact Trinka Adamson, tadamson@coh.org for more information.

Come ahead of time and attend the ICARE academy, scheduled from May 7-9th. Register separately for this event via the ICARE website: https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/Default.aspx?EventID=2092628

District 8 Meeting Registration ContinuesRegister online: http://www.socalaalas.org/shop

Late Registration (By April 27th)

One-day: $150

Two-day: $250

*A $25 fee will be added to all registration prices above if the registrant is not a member of an AALAS Branch.

​​To pay by check, complete the form below and mail with your payment:



The D8 Council was created so all branches within the district would have an equal voice and access to resources available to all branches including:

  • a continuity for how a D8 is run by creating a history for what works and what doesn’t from year to year;
  • a Speakers bureau pooling expertise of all branches and vendors;
  • greater communication between branches within the district;
  • study groups for certification preparation prior to a directed training session at D8
  • establishing scholarships or a site for scholarship information to be readily available
  • resource for information on how to write a paper, poster, or reference

Our Mission

  • To allow the branches to come together and hold an educational and informative meeting for technicians and others
  • To hold a cost effective meeting full of shareable knowledge that can be taken back to home facilities
  • To pass along new techniques presented in papers, posters, workshops and tours

The D8 Council benefits us all by:

  • increasing communication through use of a listserv and website;
  • creating a speakers bureau from the larger pool of expertise that 11 branches collectively hold;
  • increasing the number of attendees by standardizing the setting of the D8 meeting and reducing the cost of attending
  • make use of the readily available vendor resource of expertise increasing vendor satisfaction and visibility...dedicated vendor time

P.O. Box 210101, Tucson, AZ 85721-0101


Telephone: (520)621-3931