Technician Exam FAQ

Technician Exam Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for one of the three exams?

How do I apply for one of the three exams?

Fill out the application and fax or mail it to the AALAS office with the proper fees and documentation. If you are paying by credit card, do not send your application twice (mail and fax) to avoid being charged twice.


How much do the exams cost?

The exam fees are as follows for AALAS members: ALAT = $160; LAT = $210; LATG = $260.


Do I have to pay the $75 processing fee?

The processing fee applies only to nonmembers. You may join or renew your current membership instead of paying the processing fee. Membership dues will need to be sent in with the exam fee.


How do I know what to study for the exams?

Each exam has a Content Outline with the references listed for each. Questions for each exam are from the references. The LAT and LATG are comprehensive of the previous levels along with the references listed for that particular level. Click here for a pdf of all the references


What if I haven’t yet fully completed my degree?

AALAS can only accept the diploma or a transcript showing the degree has been conferred. A copy provided with the application must display a graduation date.


What if I can’t find a copy of my diploma or degree?

AALAS will accept a copy of transcripts, or a letter from the educational facility stating you graduated, the date of your graduation, and the type of degree you obtained in place of an actual copy of the diploma/degree.



How do I receive my Authorization to Test Letter?

AALAS will mail the original to your home address and e-mail a copy to your e-mail address listed on the application.



How are certification application refunds handled?

AALAS retains a processing fee ($25 for AALAS members and $75 for nonmembers) on all refunds issued for certification applications and refund the balance. No exceptions will be made.



To schedule your exam with Prometric, call 800-479-6376 or visit


When does my Authorization to Test period start?

Those taking a computer exam have 90 days to test, beginning the day their application dates are downloaded to Prometric; start and end dates are displayed on the Authorization to Test letter.



What do I need to bring with me on test day?

Be sure to bring your Authorization to Test Letter (the original or the copy) and a valid, government-issued, photo- and signature-bearing ID (a driver’s license, a state or government issued ID, or a passport). Please be sure your ID has not expired. Your ID photo must be current and look like you. The spelling of your name must match the roster at the test center (acquired from your authorization to test letter). Your signature on the ID must match your signature at the test center. Your ID must be legible; an unreadable ID may be rejected.



You may reschedule your computer exam appointment provided you call 800-226-7955 by noon Eastern time 5 business days prior to your appointment. Pencil-and-paper exams may not be rescheduled because your authorization is for only one day.



Can I cancel my exam date?

You may cancel your exam date provided you call by noon Eastern time 5 business days prior to your appointment. To cancel your computerized exam date, call 800-226-7955. To cancel your pencil-and-paper exam date, call AALAS at 901-754-8620.



If I miss my authorization period, can I request an extension?

An extension can be granted to those who fail to schedule an appointment in their given time frame. If an exam was scheduled, an extension can be granted provided that the original appointment was canceled by noon Eastern time 5 business days before the scheduled appointment. There is a $100 extension fee that applies to anyone requesting an extension, whether a member or a nonmember. For a pencil-and-paper exam, the extension policy applies, with the stipulation that your extension will be for a computerized exam and not a pencil-and-paper exam.



What happens if I schedule an appointment but do not test, cancel, or reschedule?

Any applicant who schedules an exam but does not show up at, cancels, or reschedules the exam appointment by the noon Eastern deadline will forfeit all their exam fees. To set up another exam, you must reapply submitting another application form and the full exam fee (and nonmember processing fee, if applicable).



How do I get my scores after testing?

Upon completing the computer exam, you will receive a printout stating whether you passed or failed the exam. Your official results will be mailed to you within 3 to 4 weeks. If you passed, your certificate will arrive with your test results. If you failed, your exam results will include an explanation of your score. If you take a pencil-and-paper exam, the same materials will be sent to you in 4–6 weeks.



What is the Registry certificate I received with my results?

The Registry certificate is sent to anyone passing any of the three certification exams. This enrolls you in the Registry Program for 2 years at no charge. The Registry is a voluntary continuing education program that shows you are current in the field of animal science.



What percent score is needed to pass each exam?

This information is not publicized due to the fact that the passing score for each exam is different for each exam version. Those who fail the exam will be given the percent they scored on the exam along with a Low, Medium, or High report for each part of the exam.