JAX Webinar: Aged B6 Mice: An Essential Tool for Preclinical Discovery in Human Disease

Severity of and susceptibility to disease differs between the young and old. Many diseases are chronic and progressive in their development, only reaching recognizable severity in older individuals. In order to assist the biomedical community in understanding and developing treatments for age related diseases, JAX offers aged C57BL/6J male and female mice. This webinar presents phenotypic data, published applications, and informational resources to help researchers use these mice effectively and efficiently in their research programs. Join us in this seminar to: • Understand when key phenotypes change as mice age • Examine age related changes in metabolism • Discuss neurological changes in aged mice • Explore age related immunological deficiencies related to metabolic disease and cancer • Review JAX resources that support aging research
Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 1:00pm
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